Explosives Found In Historic East Village Cemetery

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A cemetery worker found a black garbage bag fullof powerful explosives at a historic Manhattan cemetery Monday, butit was not capable of detonating, police said.

The bomb squad was removing the bag of C-4, a military-gradeplastic explosive that is more powerful than TNT. C-4 requires adetonator, or cap, to explode and police said no caps were found atthe scene.

It wasn't immediately clear who put the bag in the East Villageburial ground. Police were called to the scene around 10:45 a.m.,and the streets nearby were closed.

There are two cemeteries side-by-side, both called Marble andboth considered historic. It's not clear which cemetery the bag wasplaced in. One was designated a landmark in the late 1960s. Sixmembers of a branch of the Roosevelt family are buried there, aswell as a Stephen Allen, former mayor and New York governor.

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