Fans Get Once-In-Lifetime Chance To Interview Stars Of 'Shake It Up'

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The PIX11 studio was basically "take your kid to work" day with the arrival of the stars' of Disney's "Shake It Up: Made In Japan." Newsroom children woke up much earlier than any kid on summer vacation should and screamed for Bella Thorne and Zendaya, who play dancers Rocky and Cece on the show.

"Shake It Up" follows Rocky and Cece who take a once-in-a-lifetime trip to Japan after facing off against crews nationwide. In Japan, they are to star in a new interactive dance video where Rocky plans to soak in the culture while CeCe believes it's their chance at becoming real superstars. Along the way are new music and dances, outrageous fashion, performances by the world-famous Blue Man Group and a Mission Impossible-style race against time to save the world from The Rocky and Cece computer virus.

The star-struck fans also got their own once-in-a-lifetime chance: to interview the stars of their favorite show. The kids, in their infinite wisdom, asked Thorne and Zendaya on their views and opinions on friendship, being famous, and, most importantly, where they buy their clothes.

To see the full interview, click "play" on the video.

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