FBI Lends Aerial Support In Hunt For Serial Killer

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The FBI is now playing a bigger role in the search for more bodies and for clues that will hopefully bring a serial killer to justice.

"The more resources you have the easier it is to solve this." said New York State Police Captain Louis Weber.

From high above the dunes that run along ocean parkway a high tech FBI imaging aircraft began it's intricate search for clues.Cameras on the plane have the ability to hone in on and photograph objects on the ground that may not be visible to the human eye.

"it's going to pinpoint areas that could be considered bones fragments and it will us know you should look here or there so that will help us out a lot." said Weber.

The search for clues and human remains also continues on the ground, as well as in the murky waters of Hemlock cove. Police manually re- canvassed 18 sites today but came up empty.In an hour and half the aircraft scoured the area from the Jones beach tower all the way to Robert Moses.The eye in the sky looking for anything that might bring them closer to a murderer believed to have strangled four women who advertised on-line as escorts. A killer who may be responsible for murdering at least 6 others.Any hidden shred of evidence that was missed by cops or canines could be the break detectives need to find Shannan Gilbert who was last scene screaming and running into the brush last may and whose mysterious disappearance led to the discovery a killers dumping grounds.

"we want to catch the criminal that did this." said Weber.

It will take between 7 to ten days for police to get the advanced imaging that could provide the assistance need ed, tghat one piece of evidence that solves thie mystery.

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