Hunt For The 'Russian Rambo' Frustrates Family Of Victims

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The still fruitless hunt for the so-called 'Russian Rambo' behind the double murder of a mother and daughter in Sheepshead Bay has left friends and family members of the victims frustrated.

Tatana Prikhodko and her daughter, Larissa, were stabbed to death in Tatana's sixth floor apartment in Sheepshead Bay in April. Larissa's sister, Svetlana, said since then they have been waiting for authorities to find the man who she believes did it, Nikolai Rokassi.

But swift, fast, action are all things Svetlana Shifrina says she hasn't seen in the hunt for her mother and sister's killer.

"Over two months now he's not a suspect, not on the Interpol list, he's not being searched for," said Shifrina told in an exclusive sit-down interview.

Life came to a standstill in April for this sister and daughter who came back from Switzerland only to find out her Mother and Sister were dead.She said the man who was supposed to protect them, Tatana's boyfriend, Nikolai Rokassi, killed them before fleeing the country.

"Whether he's walking free in the streets or at a relative's friend's house, no one knows," said Shifrina.

Police believe he may have hopped on a plane at JFK International for his hometown of Moscow, Russia.

And while Svetlana thought authorities would do everything to find him, including working with Russian authorities, Svetlana isn't sure he ever will be located.

"We expected some kind of progress and so far we've received absolutely no results."

Sitting at her computer, in her dead sister's apartment, Svetlana says she tries to speak with detectives almost daily but they often tell her the same thing.

'This is not the movies; cases don't get solved in one or two days.'

Russian reporters tell Svetlana Nikolai seems to be living like a free man. His apartment was recently put up for sale.

"Without American communication there is no next step," Shifrina said.

All the while Svetlana and her family try to pick up the pieces and rebuild a family back home. Sadly, Larissa's two-year-old son still thinks his Mommy is at work.

"He doesn't understand what's happening and to a child that age, you can't explain or try to explain the concept of death."

Svetlana says she doesn't expect Nikolai to be caught today; she just hopes authorities don't forget about her.

"They do not need a murderer walking the streets - wherever he is."

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HomesCrime, Law and JusticeCrimeSheepshead BayInterpol
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