VIDEO: Massive Brawl Breaks Out Between Georgetown, Chinese Team During Game

A friendly exhibition game between the Georgetown basketball team and a professional Chinese squad snowballed into a full-blown brawl in the fourth quarter after a slew of fouls by both teams Thursday.

According to reports, chaos ensued after Georgetown guard Jason Clark was aggressively fouled by Rockets forward-center Hu-Ke. The foul sparked a shoving match which then sent both benches to clear.

Players threw punches and chairs as the crowd watched on in horror. Although they were on hand, police officers made no attempt to break up the fight leaving referees and coaches to separate the two squads. No one was seriously injured, local reports said.

In the game Georgetown collected 28 fouls, while the Rockets were called out 11 times. The game was tied at 64 when the brawl broke out.

Georgetown head coach John Thompson reportedly pulled his team off the court as fans began to throw food and plastic water bottles at his players.

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