Video Shows Girl Hurling 6 Puppies Into River

Bosnia police stated Wednesday are searching for a girl who was videotapped tossing six puppies into a river.

Local animal rights group Flekice claim the girl, who is pictured wearing a red-orange hooded jacket, is from the town of Bugojno. According to police spokesman Sefir Barucija, officers are conducting an investigation and in the process of verifying information.

An animal rights group based in Sarajevo, SOS, claimed the girl is also from Bugojno and it was her brother who videotaped the disturbing incident.

The video, which was originally posted on YouTube but later pulled from the site, shows a blonde girl with a white bucket containing six puppies. She begins to hurl the six black and white pups, who are heard whimpering, into the flowing river.

Under Bosnian law, animal cruelty is punishable by a fine of between 15 to 5,000 Euros ($19 to $6,400) and no jail time.

The video sparked internet outrage and several Facebook pages have been created to finding the girl.

Another video which became the target of an internet hat campaign came from Britain and showed a 45-year-old woman petting a cat, then dumping it in a trash bin. The cat was saved 15 hours later after the pet's owners reviewed home surveillance video.

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