Grant's Tomb Restored Beautifully, Except For The Sidewalks

MORNINGSIDE HEIGHTS, NY (PIX11) -- The Morningside Heights tribute to 18th President Ulysses S. Grant, the man credited with ending slavery and the Civil War, is looking spectacular -- but not the conditions around it.

The new sidewalk just in front of the pavilion overlooking the Hudson River is pristine, but where the renovated sidewalk ends is a dangerous obstacle course for tourists.

There are pot holes, divots and even metal sticking through the sections before and after the 20 yards that were redone.  The Pantheon-style tourist attraction is one of six in NYC that are part of the National Parks Service.

"There have been occasions where I twisted my ankle," Rob Martinez told PIX 11 News.

It's horrible and I have a bad knee so just getting past here is bad," complained Angel Suarez.

Lilly Deballe says she's also tripped on the broken-up sidewalk.  "I don't think there is anyone I know who hasn't tripped."

The City Parks Dept. issued a statement about the sidewalk issue, saying: We are seeking public capital funding to repair that blue stone path behind the monument, estimated cost will be $350,000 to $500,000, and will be able to do that as soon as public capital funding is available.   But please don’t forget that the bigger story right at that spot is the newly restored historic pavilion we’ve just completed with the National Park Service and opened to the public!  It’s the first-ever Visitor’s Center there, with ADA accessibility and comfort stations.


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