Son Shoots Mother, Kills Teen Sister In Hail Of 75 Bullets

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A 13-year-old girl is dead and her mother is fighting for her life at Harlem Hospital after a shooting early Tuesday morning. NYPD sources tell PIX 11 says it was the mother's son, 28-year-old Steven Murray who allegedly shot them shortly before 3:30 a.m..

Immediately after shooting his sister and mother, Murray sprinted from the Polo Ground Housing Projects in Hamilton Heights.Murray fled the scene with his .22 caliber gun. The NYPD caught up with him and a wild shoot out ensued near Harlem River Drive at the southbound exit of 155th Street. Once the smoke cleared, Murray was down after getting hit in the stomach and legs. Approximately 75 shell casings littered the scene. The exit ramp was shut down all morning for investigation.

The wounded victim is reportedly 44-year-old Christina Fryar-Brunson. The teen victim has been identified as Annie Fryar. She was reportedly a student at PS 46.

News of the shooting traveled quickly through building 2971 at Polo Grounds Towers. Vanessa Harrington and her son Jeffrey were awakened nearly two hours after the shooting by detectives working the scene. Although the mother and son lived two floors from the crime scene, apartment 12A, they knew Murray well, "He's usually happy, smiling, you know what I mean? Playing with his little sister, always talking to his mom. I don't know what happened?," said Harrington. The 20-year-old mechanic is close friends with the alleged shooter he called "Big Man."

They hung out often and Murray even paid a visit to his apartment on Monday, "He was happy, he wasn't sad. He wasn't upset, nothing" said Harrington.

Harrington's mother, Vanessa, said the government assisted neighborhood has a history of violence, "This is not the first time that someone has gotten killed in here. They've had fights in here, people getting jumped and different thingsx. At one time, someone came off the roof a few years back."

Domingo Feliz who was up late watching television two floors directly below where the shooting took place heard, "Bam,bam,bam., the shots fired was one right after the other." He didn't realize the extent of the shooting until he was informed by a PIX 11 crew.

The shooting is still under investigation.

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ShootingsHealthNew York City Police DepartmentHamilton Heights