Beating The Heat Inside Shopping Malls

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Some can call it a cooling center with a cost -- Newport Centre Mall in Jersey City. Of course, it's free to enter the mall, but some window shopping could easily morph into a serious shopping spree especially when several stores, including Macy's, are having sales.

With temperatures hitting the triple digits Friday, the air-conditioned mall definitely offers relief. However, experts say you may not have to worry about finding a parking space.

They say when a heatwave strikes, you may think people flock to malls to bask in the cool, but actually people tend to stay home in the extreme heat, and extreme cold, rather than come out and spend.

Retailers know this, so they take advantage of that by flooding your inbox with deals. They figure if you are home, why not shop online?

But, the National Retail Federation projects that sales this back-to-school season will be flat, with parents spending an average of $604 on clothes, school supplies and gadgets for their school-age kids. That's $2 less than last year, making getting to a good sale all the more important.

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