Kerry Kennedy Cites Seizure, Not Drugs For Accident

Drug TraffickingAndrew Cuomo

52-year-old Kerry Kennedy insists she wasn't high on booze or drugs when she crashed her car into a truck last Friday.  She backed up that assertion with a plea of not guilty to drug-related charges at her arraignment in North Castle Town Court.

         The daughter of late Senator Robert Kennedy looked radiant in a royal blue sleeveless dress as she entered the court with her brother Chris and sister Rori at her side. Inside the courtroom she stood emotionless during the ten minute proceeding. Town Justice Elyse Lazansky released Kennedy without bail, with the condition that she be fingerprinted by state police and undergo evaluation by an independent clearing house for drug abuse.

         Standing in sweltering heat outside the courthouse, Kennedy told reporters she has never had a history of alcohol or drug abuse.  Police, however, contend she was impaired by drugs while driving erratically for three miles along Interstate 684 before slamming into the tractor trailer.  She drove off, but stopped a few miles away when her car was disabled by a flat tire. Police claim they found her slumped over the wheel.  According to Kennedy, "I remember getting on the highway, but have no memory until a police officer approached me."

         Police maintain that Kennedy flunked a battery of sobriety tests and was swaying and slurring her words. The mother of three says she went to North Westchester Hospital for independent blood and urine tests. "Those tests showed no drugs or alcohol," according to the former wife of Governor Andrew Cuomo.  And she first thought she may have been impacted by mistakenly taking the sleeping pill Ambien instead of a thyroid medication. But subsequent neurological tests and an MRI at Mt. Sinai Hospital, she asserts "led doctors to believe this accident was caused, not by a sleeping aid, but a complex partial seizure," brought on by a previous injury to the right side of her head.  That is likely going to be the tenor of her defense when her case goes to trial.

         Some friends have suggested Kennedy's emotional state may have been a contributing factor, just two months after the death of her college roommate and sisterr-in-law Mary Richardson Kennedy, who committed suicide.

        After her arraignment, Kennedy was remorseful. "I want to apologize to the driver of the truck and all the others I endangered while driving my car last Friday." Police are awaiting the findings of the drug tests.  Kennedy is due back in court August 14th.

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