Mendte: Why The GOP Primary Is Not Decided

This time tomorrow night Mitt Romney will be named the winner of the Florida primary.

There was a time when that would mark the end of the race in the Republican primary, but not this year. Newt Gingrich has vowed to stay in until the convention in September.

It used to be that candidates would not risk the money or the embarrassment, but thing have changed. Two things to be specific.

First, the Super Pacs make it possible for one source to finance your campaign and keep you in the race. Super rick Casino owner Sheldon Adelson is keeping Newt afloat in this race. In Florida, Romney's Super Pacs have actually spent more money than his campaign.

And second, many of the primaries and caucuses are proportional. Several candidates can pick up delegates, which elongates the process. It used to be winner take all, so one candidate could stretch out a big lead.

It is all about delegates and it take 1,140 to clinch the Republican nomination. Right now the leader is Mitt Romney with 33 delegates, so we have a long way to go and a long time to get there.

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