Lingerie Football League Kicks Off In New York

Forget about the NFL, say hello to the LFL: the Lingerie Football League.

The LFL has actually been around for a while, but this year the New York Majesty is joining the league, as an expansion team.

Open tryouts were held Thursday at the Long Island Sports Complex in Freeport, where about two dozen beautiful women showed up in hopes of making the all girls football team--that plays in lingerie. The LFL isn't just about having a HOT body: it's a combination of being sexy, athletic, and tough.

"I'm just looking for the next fun thing," said Allison Bernon of Manhattan, who is currently a personal trainer and ballet dancer.

PIX News asked Melissa Teixeira if it's weird playing football in her underwear, to which she replied, "Not really, I've been out in my underwear in public before."

Get your mind out of the gutter boys, Melissa is also a model who has done underwear shoots on location on public streets.

Unlike Monday night football, LFL games will be played on Friday nights, in the fall and winter. The New York Majesty will play its home games at the Nassau Coliseum.

Aleina Mackey, 20, admits it was odd telling her mother about today's tryouts.

"She said, 'What?! You're going to play football naked?' I said 'Yeah, something like that.'"

Bolanile Olatunji, who made the 'Atlanta Steam team,' decided to tryout for the Majesty because the Steam season doesn't start until next year. She said she knows a lot of guys won't care about who wins or loses, but will only come out to just gawk at the players

"It gives us a chance to prove we're just as good as the guys," Olatunji explained, "we can go out there and get dirty also."

If you like sexy women playing football in their underwear, and who doesn't, The New York Majesty kicks off their season October 2nd at Nassau Coliseum against the Chicago Bliss.

Since we know you are wondering, the website for the Lingerie Football League is Ok, you don't have to thank us. We just report the news.

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