Heather Locklear Arrested for Hit and Run

Authorities arrested Hollywood actress Heather Locklear for her connection in a hit and run accident that took place in California.

A neighbor heard the accident around 4 a.m. Saturday but did not call police until shortly before 8 p.m. When law enforcement officials arrived at the scene in Westlake Village, they found a 'no parking' sign knocked down, and said it appeared as though a car had lost control and had driven up onto the curb.

A woman, who witnessed the entire incident, immediately called 911 to report what she had just seen.

Moments later, detectives arrived at Locklear's home, which is apparently in close proximity to the accident scene, and found a damaged black BMW.

After police questioned Locklear about the incident, they found she fit the description made by the woman who called 911.

After Locklear's arrest, her lawyer Blair Berk released a statement, reading: "Ms. Locklear was cited with a misdemeanor traffic ticket as she is the registered owner of the vehicle. She was never taken into custody. The matter is still being looked into as it is not yet clear who was driving the vehicle."

This is not the first time the "Melrose Place" had a run in with the law. In September 2008, Locklear was arrested in Santa Barbara, for driving under the influence of a controlled substance. She avoided jail time in that case, by pleading guilty to a lesser offense and was placed on three years informal probation.

Locklear is slated to go before a judge on May 17 to answer to the latest charges.

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