Staten Island Organization Gives Lost Pets A Soft Place To Fall

Nearly three weeks after Hurricane Sandy slammed into Staten Island and many areas are still in the beginning stages of recovery.

Tinkerbell, the kitten, is one of Sandy's smallest victims. A local pet rescue called Louie's Legacy saved her and her siblings after the storm. Her brother Sam suffered a broken leg.

But Tinkerbell is just fine, in fact, on Saturday, she was better than ever, because she just got adopted.

"It's sad for them, you gotta take care of them, who else is gonna take care of them?" asked Annette Rafaniello, adding, "They are children, not strangers, not animals, they are your children."

"I love him already," said Jeanine Elkins, another proud owner of a storm victim.

Lucas, the dog, came into Jeanine's care after Louie's Legacy saved him from a sad situation.

"His owner had died during storm, they think he drowned. When other family came to the house, they found Lucas in the house with his owner. Lucas was protecting him," explained Elkins.

Elkins has only been fostering Lucas since Tuesday but she plans to adopt him. "Every day it's a new step. This morning, I woke up and he came over and licked my face."

Pairing people with pets is not the only thing Louie's Legacy is doing to help in Sandy's aftermath. Volunteers are going door-to-door providing free pet food and supplies for families still struggling to survive.

Karen Peppe is a volunteer who lost her childhood home in Midland Beach. "That community in Midland Beach is a pet centered community, and so we want to make sure their pets have something to eat. There's [sic] people driving around handing out food to people but Louie's is the only one I know, handing out pet food."

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