NY Man Gets 'Survived The Quake' Tattoo Following Tuesday's Tremors

Although it rattled many New Yorkers for just a few seconds, one man has a momento from Tuesday's earthquake that will last for a lifetime.

In a report that will most definitely be filed away in the "WTF" folder of 2011, a Brooklyn man paid a local tattoo artist to ink his skin with a "Survived the quake" logo that was initially intended as a joke.

According to Joe Khay, owner of Citizen Ink Studios in Sheepshead Bay, he sketched up the tongue-in-cheek design after seeing how everyone was overreacting to the minor tremors felt across the Tri-State as a result of a magnitude 5.8 earthquake in Virginia.

"We check Facebook to find out what's going on," he told the NY Daily News. "Within 10 minutes, it went from 'There was an earthquake' to 'Oh, my God, we're evacuating the country!'"

After five minutes of sketching, Khay finalized the design and posted it on Facebook as a gag. To his surprise, he got a call a few hours later from a regular customer, who made an appointment to get the tattoo.

21-year-old Jonathan Berg paid only $30 dollars for Khay to permanently ink his waist with the tat sparked by a "pretty hilarious" event.

"It was just a minor thing, and people were making it into a serious subject," Berg told the News. "I thought that was pretty hilarious."

Berg, a resident of Gerritsen Beach, apparently wasn't the only one who walked away with a permanent souvenir from this week's quake. According to the Sheepshead Bites blog, at least one more tattoo enthusiast got the ink after they came across a photo of an unidentified body part donning the tattoo.

SMH indeed.

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