Mendte: The Best GOP Candidate You Haven't Heard Of



The Republicans seem to want anyone but Mitt Romney because they believe he is too moderate and the Christian Right doesn't like that he is a Mormon.


They have courted Sarah Palin, Donad Trump, Chris Christie, Michelle Bachmann, Rick Perry, Herman Cain and now New Gingrich.


But there is a guy out there who is more expreienced that any of them and he can't get on the stag to debate.  He had been a Governor, a Congressman and a CEO of a Bank. 


Meet Buddy Roemer. 


His #1 issue is to get the money out of politics because it corrupts.  So he has nu Super Pacs, doesn't take special interest money and won't accept an individual donation of over $100. 


And you know why they are keeping him off the debate stage?  Because he isn't raising enough money.  Unreal!


Governor Roemer is qualified - let him debate.  Let us choose.

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