Mother Tells 911 Dispatcher That She Killed Her Toddler... Then Takes Her Own Life

“Somebody just stabbed my baby, please get here!” The beginning of the 911 call was already alarming, what a 33-year-old Chevonne Thomas then said, is downright twisted.

Dispatcher: Do they know who it was, ma'am?

Thomas: Yes, it's my ex, it's my boyfriend. My current boyfriend.

Dispatcher: What's your address?

Thomas: 1415 Kaighn. You know what?.. I did it. I'm lying. I'm lying. I'm lying. I'm lying. I did it.

Dispatcher: Do you need an ambulance, ma'am?

Thomas: No. I mean, no. He don't need, no.

Dispatcher: What's your name?

Thomas: Chevonne Thomas. Chevonne Thomas.

On that call, police rushed to the house in Camden, NJ to find Thomas’ 2 and half year old Zahree dead on the first floor. Stabbed so fiercely so many times, he was decapitated. Police found his head in the freezer and zeroed in on Chevonne on the 2nd floor, still on the phone with the dispatcher while refusing to surrender to police. By the time officers entered through a window on the 2nd floor, Thomas had slit her neck – she was dead.

Friends and neighbors reacted in anguish as reporters started uncovering a history of mental illness and questions regarding an incident involving the New Jersey child-welfare agency: Department of Children and Families. A spokesperson for the agency confirmed having to visit Thomas regularly and providing “extensive” support and counseling.

In 2010 Thomas lost custody of Zahree after she blacked out in a park leaving the baby unattended on a car. This according to police who also say Thomas admitted to smoking PCP laced marijuana. The case was dropped and Thomas regained custody after a problem with a witness in the case.

Also during the 911 call, Thomas told the dispatcher she takes Prozac, going on to say “I didn't take it today, but I should have. I should have. I should have took it today.”

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