Residents Wage War On Noisy Bar With Panties

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There are several ways of dealing with noisy neighbors. While many resort to calling the police, others turn to soiled panties for help. Yes, soiled panties.

That seems to be the situation in the East Village, where many frustrated residents are hanging their dirty unmentionables on a clothes line that serves as the view for the popular, outdoor bar at the Cooper Square Hotel.

According to several reports made by nearby residents, the noise that emanates from the neighboring bar has caused many sleepless nights for residents in the area - as first reported by 1010WINS.

Although the outdoor bar closes at 8 p.m. the noise inside is just as bad, they say.

Neighbors along East 5th Street, some who initially protested when the bar was under construction, say they could hear everything inside the bar - every conversation, song, and laugh - considering that the establishment literally sits inches away from their homes. Twenty-nine inches to be exact, said one neighbor.

The residents have formed a panty coalition, stringing up soiled panties, briefs, bras, - and even some ginormous granny panties - in plain view of the bar, sending a clear message to patrons that not only do people live in those neighboring apartments, but they also need to do laundry.

PIX News reached out to the Cooper Square Hotel Wednesday to get their side of the story, but management refused to comment. According to a spokeswoman, owners are aware of the situation.

Meanwhile, the East Village feud has also caught the attention of Vanishing New York blogger Jeremiah Moss. The blogger, who reportedly has a source inside the East 5th Street tenement that overlooks the hotel's patio, has vowed to keep tabs on the frustrated residents.

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Hotels and AccommodationsHotel and Accommodation IndustryEast Village (Manhattan, New York)WPIX