New York City Cop Accused of Raping East Village Woman

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NEW YORK (WPIX) --  A New York City police officer has been stripped of his gun and badge after being accused of raping an intoxicated woman in the East Village, according to law enforcement officials.

The officer and his partner reportedly came to the aid of the woman, after a cab driver called 911 on Dec. 7, telling cops she had gotten sick in his car and didn't have enough money to cover her cab fare. 

The officers escorted the woman inside her building and up to her apartment, located on 13th Street and Avenue A.  They returned a short while later to check in on her condition, according to sources.

Surveillance video from the victim's apartment building shows the two officers helping the woman, clearly intoxicated, inside and returning to the building a second time and staying for more than a half hour.  

The woman, a successful business executive, reported the rape to the Manhattan district attorney's office.

Upon receiving the complaint, the NYPD Internal Affairs department launched an investigation into both officers.  Investigators reportedly searched each of the cops' lockers and uncovered one packet of heroin.  The officer accused of raping the woman apparently told colleagues, he had "forgotten to voucher the drugs after confiscating them in a separate case," according to the NY Daily News.

Stephen Worth, the suspect's lawyer, says there is no validity to the case.  "The fact that there have been no arrests makes it obvious that prosecutors have some questions about the veracity of the complainant's allegations," Worth told the NY Post.

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