NYPD To Tap Microsoft Surveillance Technologies

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Contrary to what you may think – the NYPD’s command center does not look like the headquarters in the 2002 film “Minority Report”.

But with the help of tech giant Microsoft, Police Commissioner Ray Kelly says the department will be light years ahead of where it was just a decade ago.

“What makes this tool, even more useful, is that all the information is presented visually in geographic and chronological context. This allows operators and analysts to generate and refine leads, to identify patterns, and to optimally deploy manpower”, said Kelly.

The protocol’s official name is Domain Awareness System. But practically speaking, the system will allow the NYPD to take advantage of the city’s existing network of both private and public surveillance cameras, radiation detectors…even license plate readers…and process all of that information from a central and secret location.

The kicker – the NYPD will get a cut of the profits from Microsoft.

“You should know that as part of our partnership with Microsoft, the city will receive 30-percent of all revenues on Microsoft sales of the Domain Awareness System. So here’s an investment we’ve made that’s going to be invaluable to keep this city safe. But also we think we can recoup all of our expenses over a period of time – and maybe even make a few bucks”, said Mayor Bloomberg.

Microsoft officials are confident the software developed with New York City’s finest will fit in well with other law enforcement agencies across the country.

“I want for everyone to be assured that Microsoft is deeply committed to taking this initiative to another level. And as we say in our company, we’re all in”, said Mike McDuffie of Microsoft.

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