Officers Facing Jail Time For Phony Drug Bust

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NEW YORK - Two NYPD cops face serious jail time after they falsely charged four men of selling cocaine. The incident happened in January of 2008 during an undercover "buy and bust" operation.

Officer Henry Taverez, 27, and Detective Stephen Anderson, 33, surrendered this morning. Officials say the two men face multiple charges including conspiracy, unlawful imprisonment, and official misconduct.

Sources say the officers were participating in an undercover investigation of drug dealings at Club Delicioso in Queens on January 4th. At one point two men sold Anderson, who was posing as a buyer, three bags of cocaine for $60.

Prosecutors say that later, Anderson gave Tavarez two of the bags, a transfer that became the basis for the drug-sale charges against the officers, so Tavarez could claim that he bought them from four other men at the club for $100. Anderson sought to cover his tracks by reporting that he had purchased only one bag for $40, and advised Tavarez to lie to a grand jury by saying he had forgotten the details of the bust, court papers said.

Taverez was put on desk duty pending the investigation, while Anderson has since retired.

The officers are awaiting arraignment at the Queens County Supreme Court, if convicted they face up to 9 years in prison.

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