'Occupy' Protesters Try To Set Up New Camp At Union Square

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Mayhem on the streets of Manhattan as cops and Occupy Wall Street protesters clash at Union Square Park.

Protesters wanted to occupy the park all night, setting up a camp, but the NYPD closed it down at midnight apparently trying to avoid another Zuccotti Park-type tent city.

In the early morning hours, a large crowd of about 300 protesters gathered after being forced out of the park and onto 14th Street.

Tempers flared and cops arrested a number of people. At least one woman was injured, hurt when her head slammed onto the sidewalk during an arrest. She was taken away in ambulance.

A lot of the troubles started when protesters laid down on the ground, some in sleeping bags, and refused to move.

The movement against corporate greed seemed to lay dormant over the colder winter months but may be picking back up with the warmer weather. Still many New Yorkers have grown weary of the disruptions.

The protesters who have called for a national strike on May 1st. have attempted to use Union Square Park as a new base of operations.

They were evicted from Zuccotti Park near Wall Street last fall.

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ProtestActivismPoliticsNew York City Police DepartmentOccupy Wall Street