Port Authority Fires Security Agency After Agent Caught Stealing Dead Man's ID

You're fired. That's the message the Port Authority is expected to give to the multi-million dollar security company FJC.

You could have seen the move coming last week when cops arrested one of their employees, a Newark Airport security supervisor who worked under a fake ID for two decades.

That guy, Peter "Bimbo" Oyewole, is accused of using the identity of a man named Jerry Thomas, who was murdered to snag a sensitive job and pass repeated security checks over the years. He even supervised 30 security workers. The Port Authority has called the lapse and others unacceptable.

The company has done work for the Port Authority since 2003 and has about a 1,000 employees working across the system which includes all three airports, the World Trade Center, the Hudson River Crossings and the Path trains.

On Tuesday morning, FJC workers were on duty at LaGuardia and that is expected to be the case until a new company is in place.

This will be a huge loss for FJC, their contracts are believed to be worth a whopping $550 million dollars and they are expected to re-apply for the high priced security work. They say they've done a good job and taken action when issues come up.

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