Trump, Palin Have Dinner Date On Broadway

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It is said that politics makes for strange bedfellows, but even more interesting dinner mates.

Presidential wanabe Sarah Palin and Presidential dropout Donald Trump created a media frenzy in Manhattan as they got together for dinner, not at one of the city’s five-star restaurants, but for simple pizza on Broadway. 

First they got together with their families at The Donald’s ritzy apartment in Trump Tower.  They ran the gauntlet of reporters for a short drive to 50th Street and Broadway where they quickly became the city’s greatest tourist attraction, and sat down for pizza at Famiglia. 

They chatted up a storm for about half an hour and did little to avoid the glare of TV lights and barrage of reporter’s questions.  “We had a great dinner, we discussed many things,” he shot back. 

Palin was more forthcoming, saying they talked about the economy and other domestic issues and the importance of remaining committed to change.

Trump, who announced recently he would not run for President, and Palin, who is still considering it, are friends and met at the suggestion of the 2008 Republican Vice Presidential nominee.   Palin stopped in New York as part of her cross-country “One Nation” bus tour to New Hampshire.

“How about a Trump-Palin ticket?” asked PIX11 News.  She enthusiastically said it would be a terrific idea, and Trump swallowed the words as he seemed to concur half-heartedly. Asked what she admired the most about Trump, Palin said, “His independence. I love anybody who is not run by a political machine and will say what he wants to say.”

Palin was gracious, shaking hands and posing for pictures with all who asked.  As for whether or not she will run for President next year, she said she is in no hurry, that she still has time to decide.

The immediate goal was to enjoy a night in New York and to take in the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island today.

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