PIX Completes First Phase Of Station Reinvention

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The name change was just the beginning. Evolving from CW11 to PIX, WPIX (New York's Channel 11) is returning to its roots and premiering the initial phase of its content reinvention--rethinking the way it serves viewers both on the air and on the streets.

The first station to provide instant replay (Yankees vs. White Sox- July 17, 1959) and to air the Rolling Stones' first New York TV appearance (on WPIX's "Clay Cole Show" 1964) PIX is returning to the pioneering spirit that shaped its reputation as one of the nation's leading local television stations.

PIX has evolved its presentation, introducing a new logo, new graphics (including a time and temperature PIX logo which changes by holiday and season) and creating a PIX sonic logo and station "soundtrack," which is heard across PIX and on WPIX.com.

"In challenging economic times, it's easy to take your eye off creative innovation" said Lee Abrams, Chief Innovation Officer, Tribune Company. "We look at it as a rare opportunity, that coupled with increasing competition for the eyes and ears of America is critical for growth and relevance. WPIX has shown the courage to get in the fight and create television magic in the #1 market."

The station has designed a cohesive visual package and a sonic presentation that reflects the spirit, diversity and imagination of New York. PIX reaches viewers throughout New York, New Jersey and Connecticut, and the newly created on-air vision captures this span.

PIX is capturing the spirit of New York by working with local photographers, artists and musicians and showcasing their imagery and music on-air. From the big cities to small towns and neighborhoods, PIX provides viewers with a cinematic picture of the Tri-State area.

"PIX will continue to evolve and innovate, listening closely to what viewers tell us they want from a local station and do our best to provide them with what they expectÂ…some things they'd never expect," said John Zeigler, PIX Director of Creative and Marketing Services.

And this is only the beginning.

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