Cup of Joe Sells for $12 at Brooklyn Cafe

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The price for a cup of java at a Brooklyn coffee shop makes the prices at Starbucks seem like a bargain.

The coffee -- which sells for a whopping $12 a cup at Cafe Grumpy -- is made from handpicked beans grown and coddled in Ethiopia. The unique, pricey blend is offered at the chain's locations in Park Slope and Greenpoint Brooklyn, and Chelsea.

Steve Holt, vice president of Ninety Plus Coffee, the company that distributes the beans, reportedly said the coffee costs six-times more than a Starbucks cup because it's a high-end coffee that takes a lot of time to develop and process.

Professional "coffee cupper," Colleen Duhamel and "coffee roaster," Liam Singer says it's worth the cost of admission and more.

"Ethiopia is the birthplace of the coffee plant and has the oldest tradition of cultivating growing coffee," Singer told PIX11 News. "They have thousands of varieties that don't exist anywhere else in the world. Plus, Ethiopian government is getting more involved in the coffee industry, making it harder to import, which ultimately increases the demand and drives the prices up."

While some people say they'd splurge on the pricey coffee, many say they wouldn't cough up the cash, and instead go for the cafe's cheaper brand, which goes for about $2.50 cup.

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