Repo Man pays a visit to Lil' Kim

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Hard times these days triggering not just home foreclosures, but a record number of cars are being snatched away from owners who can't keep up with the payments.

Even the rich and famous are getting unexpected visits from the repo man. Our cameras were rolling when hip-hop star Lil Kim was recently paid a visit by two repossession men. The rapper received a warning after months of outstanding car payments on her silver Bentley. Click here to see exclusive raw video of repo men paying Lil' Kim a visit

Since our story aired, Kim's rep, Tracy Nguyen, told E! News that the luxury car was a gift, given to her four years ago by a well-known music producer.

"This matter is currently being resolved and is completely out of Kim's hands," she said.

Find out which of Lil' Kim's famous friends allegedly stopped making payments on the Bentley he gave her. Watch new CW11 Exclusive video of the day repo men went to pay the rapper a visit:

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