LI Victims Search Expanding To Nassau County

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The search for victims of who investigators believe could be a current or ex-law enforcement officer-turned-suspected serial killer moves from Suffolk to Nassau County Monday.

They say, however, this is just one theory.

The grid-by-grid search will concentrate on the area between Jones Beach to Tobay Beach. So far, detectives have unearthed the remains of eight victims, this as they were looking into the disappearance of a New Jersey woman, identified as Shannan Gilbert, who's still missing.

The first four victims already identified were prostitutes.

The remains turned up near a highway leading to Jones Beach. So, detectives have decided to expand the search there, going beyond the thick sea grass and evergreens surrounding the area.

Meanwhile, published reports say investigators are going over credit card receipts, telephone records and old traffic tickets. They say the killer appears to be versed in police techniques, leading them to believe they could very well be dealing with a current or former cop.

A report Sunday in the New York Post says the suspected serial killer made a series of calls from the cellphone of Melissa Barthelemy, 24, of the Bronx, just days after she vanished in the summer of 2009; the caller taunted her younger sister.

In addition, a piece in the New York Times Saturday reports the calls originated in the busy areas of Pennsylvania Station and Times Square, and were kept under three minutes, making it nearly impossible to pinpoint a location.

Meanwhile, back on Long Island, people are afraid that more bodies will be found. In Suffolk County near were the bodies were found, police have erected a flashing sign that reads: "Gilgo Murders - Cash For Tips" and includes the number for the Suffolk County CrimeStoppers Hotline, 1-800-244-TIPS.

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