Miracle On Hudson Pilot Trashes Plans For Waste Facility Near Runway

Hero pilot Chesley Sullenberger safely-splash landed his passenger jet from the air over New York three years ago. Now he's about to hit the air waves in New York to voice his criticism over the city's expansion of a garbage transfer station in College Point, Queens, just adjacent to the busiest runway at LaGuardia Airport.

Capt. Sullenberger, in the city last night for a speaking engagement at the 92nd Street Y, told PIX 11 News, "The transfer station will attract birds into the path of oncoming flights, putting thousands of lives at risk, including passengers in the sky and people on the ground."

Capt. Sully has recorded a public service announcement that will begin airing today of five radio stations. In it he appeals to Governor Cuomo to intervene to relocate the garbage dump.

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