Swine Flu Closes More Schools

Is toddler Jonathan Zamora New York's second Swine Flu victim? Right now city health officials say they don't know.What is known is that the 16 month old boy died at Elmhurst Hospital shortly after being brought to the Emergency Room last night with severe flu like symptoms.Speaking at a news conference today the Mayor said "What we do know is that a child is dead and it is very tragic regardless of what caused it."

Little Johnathan fell ill with fever Monday morning. AP reports he spent the day in bed before his parents found him unresponsive and blue. He was taken to Elmhurst Hospital where he was declared dead. Only time consuming tests will reveal if he had the Swine Flu. Jonathan's parents returned home this afternoon after making funeral plans. Their son's three year old sibling was treated at the hospital and released.

Meantime, visit's to Emergency Rooms in Queens, epicenter of the outbreak, are surging.

At Elmhurst Hospital PIX News saw many patients fearing they have flu coming and going wearing masks. Fortunately, almost all cases are mild with patients treated and released. At Queens Hospital Center there has been such a surge in patients the hospital staff has set up a triage tent on the hospital grounds.

The first cluster of Swine Flu cases popped up three weeks ago, when about 1000 students and others linked to St. Francis Prep High School in Queens got sick after several students returned from vacations in Mexico where the outbreak began. The school was closed and cleaned and reopened, but seven more schools closed today, some voluntarily. This brings to 25 the number of New York city schools temporarily shut down on Swine Flu fears.

Again today, Mayor Bloomberg, sounding more like 'Doctor Bloomberg re-stated his oft repeated commonsense advice at today's daily Swine Flu update. "For those who are ill, stay home until you are symptom free for at least 24 hours, and all of us should cover our coughs and sneezes and wash our hands frequently," the Mayor said.

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