A Welcome Home For Timothy Cardinal Dolan

Today, New Yorkers celebrated the homecoming of newly-minted Cardinal, Timothy Dolan. And the man known for his down-to-earth delivery, didn't disappoint, delivering a morning prayer service, an afternoon service, and a couple of warm laughs to a packed house at St. Patrick's Cathedral. Dolan says that brand new red cardinal hat isn't just for him, it's for all of New York.

The special morning prayer service was also a party of sorts, with a high-powered guest list: Gov. Andrew Cuomo, Sen. Charles Schumer, and Mayor Michael Bloomberg sat in the front row. And to the right, City Council Speaker Christine Quinn, and former Mayors Ed Koch and David Dinkins.

It was a week ago that Pope Benedict XVI elevated the New Yorker to Cardinal at the Vatican. Dolan's been home for a week, but this is the fancy homecoming for which many have been waiting. Well-wishers gave a standing ovation to the global ambassador for New York City, but the Empire State Building isn't showing the new Cardinal any love. The iconic building said no to a request to pay tribute to the Cardinal by lighting up red. Many call this an insult, but the building has said it doesn't light up for religious figures, which gave the often-unpopular Port Authority the chance to shine, by opting to light up the not-yet-completed 1 World Trade Center in that signature red.

After the morning service, Dolan again said this was as much an honor for him as it is for New York. In his true laid-back style, he invited everyone in the cathedral to join him for a "burger and beer" at the Sheraton Hotel.

The lights at 1 WTC will shine red until Friday.

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