Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition At The Luxor

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The infamous story of Titanic is as fascinating to people around the world today as it was in 1912. As the world looks back on 100 years since the launch and eventual sinking of RMS Titanic, Alex Klingelhofer, Curator and Vice President of Collections for Premier Exhibitions and RMS Titanic, Inc., brings Titanic to life with a glimpse into the collection of artifacts brought to the surface.

A nationally recognized museum professional with a rare combination of curatorial and conservation experience, Klingelhofer is responsible for keeping the legacy of the luxury liner alive through artifacts retrieved over several dives to Titanic's resting place 2.5 miles below the surface of the Atlantic Ocean.

On display at 6 locations across the country, Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition offers guests a voyage back in time to not only remember the personal stories of passengers but also see up close and personal the artifacts left behind.

On Thursday April 10, Klingelhofer will be available to give viewers a peek into life aboard the ill-fated vessel through artifacts ranging from currency, flatware and passengers personal items to the largest piece of the Titanic ever recovered – the 'Big Piece.' This 15-ton piece of the Titanic's starboard hull was raised 12,500 feet from the ocean floor and took more than 80 years, and two attempts, to surface.

For more information please visit www.rmstitanic.net.

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