Shocking Violence In Harlem 'Toddlers' Movie


It's a new movie out on DVD that shows baby-faced and gun toting teens on the streets of Harlem. The movie is called "Toddlers" and is based around a fourteen year old that turns to gun and violence to stay alive, after his drug dealer father is killed.

The trailer which can be seen on YouTube, is a bit jolting to say the least filled with gunfire, sex, drugs and blood.The film which was released last month, has Jackie Rowe-Adams, who lost two sons to gun violence, up in arms.

"When I saw that clip of a little child who is no more than eleven or twelve year old , it's just disturbing," says Rowe-Adams.

Rowe-Adams isn't alone in her fight to pull the movie from the shelves of Black Start Musis on 128th street. It's the only store that is selling the DVD for twenty bucks.

PIX11 cameras were kicked out of the store, and the DVD was abruptly removed from the front window -- so much for advertising.

To put this all into perspective for everyone, PIX 11 turned to the film's director, Maine Browne.

"I'm showing reality, what happens on the streets of Harlem," says Browne.

But, the director didn't want to answer all questions. When PIX11 asked him what is the message of the movie, he walked away, off camera and told the cameras to stop rolling.

He did come back to explain that it's up to parents whether or not they allow their children to watch the film which he says is only for adults. Watch the trailer, and you can be the judge.

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