Wife of Hero Pilot: 'This Is The Sully I Know'

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DANVILLE, C.A. (WPIX) -- When the pilot of US Airways Flight 1549 phoned home to California Thursday to tell his wife about his interesting day on the Hudson River, the news came as a shock.

"I was really surprised, I know flying is very safe," Lorrie Sullenberger told reporters outside the family's home in Danville. "When he called and said there had been an incident... never in my wildest dreams," she said.

Her husband, Chesley "Sully" Sullenberger is being hailed as a hero, after safely guiding a hobbled jetliner over New York City and landing it in the Hudson River. FAA officials have determined a flock of birds crossing the jetliner's path is to blame for engine failure.

PHOTOS | INCREDIBLE WITNESS PIX: US Airways Jet Lands In Hudson River

Thanks to Chelsey's quick thinking, all 155 passengers and crew on board were able to escape severe injury and make it out alive.

Sullenberger, 57, has flown for US Airways since 1980 and flew fighter jets with the Air Force in the 1970s. In addition to flying commercial aircraft, he is also responsible for running a safety consulting firm and had been recently studying crisis management.

Lorrie Sullenberger said she, along with her young daughters are "extremely proud of Dad" and his masterful accomplishment.

"This is the Sully I know," she said. "I always knew this is how he would react to something. He's a consummate professional."

As far as how he's been handling the surge of attention in the press, Lorrie said she's not sure if it has hit her husband just yet.

"He's very humble," she said.

Chelsey is not expected to return home to California for a few days as the National Transportation Safety Board continues its probe into the plane crash.

PHOTOS | INCREDIBLE WITNESS PIX: US Airways Jet Lands In Hudson River

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