9 Jurors Selected Tuesday for Jerry Sandusky's Trial

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By Tuesday afternoon, 9 jurors were selected for the Jerry Sandusky's child sex abuse trial.  They will continue with jury selection until 5:30pm Tuesday then resume again on Wednesday.

Those inside the courtroom today say Sandusky listened intently to the judge as he faced the jury pool Tuesday.  The judge stood in front of the bench to talk with jurors.

“Judge Cleland was very friendly, very easy going, but very serious that the jury has a big responsibility to find justice.”

Senior Judge John Cleland will not sequester the jury, saying he will trust them not to discuss the case or read, watch or listen to any media reports.

“I will trust you not to read news papers, watch television, tweet, update your Facebook page, or read other people's pages. Nobody in the world will know as much as the people sitting in that jury box.”

The jurors are all from Centre County.   The first juror is a mother working at Wal-mart, and the second is a 24-year-old male student.   The third has ties to the family of one of the prosecution witnesses, Mike Mcqueary. Her husband  worked with Mcqueary's father.  The judge denyed the defense request to dismiss that juror.

Those inside the court said that Sandusky reacted with the jurors, laughing when they did, but the judge reminded them of the seriousness of the case.  At that time, Sandusy stopped making any eye contact with anybody.

“We are working very hard and patiently to get this done. I just want to reassure you that this process is working and thank you," Judge Cleland told the jury.  


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