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It was Disco night on American Idol, and due to the judges Matt save last week, two people are going home on the Wednesday show.  That means more pressure for the contestants.  Here are our experts with a recap of the night and their thoughts.

So, here we are! Super Double Elimination Disco-Down Night of Doom! This was a defining night for our competition. And even though a lot of the songs were changed up and interpreted differently from their original forms, I still laced up my platforms and spun the disco ball while I was watching. Let's cheggit out...
Lil is done. That was a lousy, boring performance. The longer her fake hair gets, the less interested I become in seeing her "compete". PLUS she went first in the night. The only thing that people will remember about that performance is that it stunk. And, unless your name starts with an "s" and ends with "anjaya", stinky performances don't help you stick around on American Idol. And I'm glad the entire panel put her down, because she needs to go and we all know it.

They cut out the intro movies and jumped right into the show (to save time) and Lil is up first.  Giving another typical "Lil is a copycat and in no way original" performance.  Maybe the most alive we have seen her on the show.  But once again another karaoke matter how much you want to deny it, Lil.  By the way I was really hoping she'd keep her mouth shut tonight, but no such luck.  If this contest was about who was technically the best singer, Lil would be doing much better...unfortunately we need more than just good singing now.

First up is Lil Rounds...which makes you wonder if they're doing everything in their power to get this girl kicked off. She took the stage in a spandex tight one-piece that made me think of a certain Sir Mix-A-Lot song. Her singing was good, but again with the wig, and not seeing who she really is. It seems like the judges are against Lil no matter what though -negative comments across the board with Simon telling her she was done.


She. Does. Not. Get. It. Another classic karaoke show from Lil "My Choir Says I'm Great" Rounds.
She thinks she's fabulous because she can mimic the way these songs sounded originally. While her voice is good enough for a top ten slot, she is not the artist that American Idol seeks to discover. Lil: doing soundalikes is not what the Top 7 of American Idol is all about.
And once again, Lil gets the mic to defend herself and tell off the judges! Great, you "had fun." Smile pretty. Well, Lil, Dancer X is going to have fun watching you go home. Smiling prettier.

Yo yo yo! That was awesome! Kris knocks this one outta the park and into orbit. This is what everyone needs to do tonight. Like I said last Wednesday, these songs are so bad, that a re-imagining can only make them better, and that's exactly what Kris did. He made this joke of a song into something that tweens and teens would slow-dance to at prom. Booyah.



True story, this song was written about a woman who worked as a bathroom attendant.  Donna Summer revealed that on some VH-1 for Kris.  I am telling you, he is a GENIUS.  He is starting to come very close to Blake Lewis for the title of most original Idol contestant in my eyes.  And he is beyond talented.  Fantastic!  I loved his version of that song.  As far as I am concerned, Kris has already won this contest.  Adam Lambert who?


Kris took on "She Works Hard for the Money"...and he could not have made that song more his own. Before Paula gave her praise I had already written down the Santana feel the song had with Kris on guitar and backed up with bongos and a box beat. I loved original and different. This is what the competition SHOULD be about.



Brilliant. Unlike a lot of modern takes on classic songs, this version of "She Works Hard For The Money" was something you could still sing-a-long to! A lot of these new arrangements miss out on that by being way too different. So it is very special to find a song that sounds entirely new but still retains that good feelin' nostalgia.
Kris is gunnin' for it. He's an underdog, but he is making his play. Watch out.


Gokey went a bit karaoke with this one, but I still think he did okay with it. I have to say that I was kind of disappointed with the Golden Boy this week. He only kinda switched the EW&F song from disco to cruise ship commercial adult contemporary. Not the best.



Yet another Danny performance.  Great job.  What else is there to say?  I thought this song was a perfect fit for him, and I think that his tone was extremely nice tonight.  But he is really starting to bore me.  He occasionally has a great performance that really impresses me, but otherwise, he is starting to go the in the same direction as Lil.  A broken record.



Danny really had the disco spirit singing "September". He did his thing dancing with the back up singers and he def looked like he was having fun. Danny is such a great singer, it's hard to fault his performance, but I do agree with Kara's worry that people might not remember him at the end of the night. I think he really has to make a big change to get noticed again.



Kinda boring, right? Just sort of an average Danny Gokey performance. He continues to be damned likable with his goofy grin and plucky demeanor, but this was not a standout Gokey moment for Dancer X. Just seemed like everything else he's ever done. At this point, it's quite a shame that everyone has already pegged him as a favorite and will blindly vote him to the final two. Because Kris is setting up a run that deserves to topple Idol's Gokey vs Lambert expectation.


Mixed reactions to Allison's performance tonight. Turning a song with the annoying potential to be the basis for a Taco Bell commercial into a rock-fest like that was pretty smart and sweet. I didn't like the staccato "hot-hot-hot-hot-hot-hot-etc...." parts, but she closed it out with that big ol' run which she nailed. She, however, did NOT nail the cut-off fist pump/head bob at the end of the song with the band. And after Simon just said that you need to be pulling off good stage performances to Gokey, she flubs the end of what could have been one of her better songs, leaving a bad taste in my head. Her weird pronunciation/breathing problem continues, as well. Am I the only one who doesn't like to hear an "H" sound at the beginning AND middle of every word I hear sung? It's not an eliminating factor...yet. Good job tonight, overall.

Another solid performance from the youngster.  I like that she turned this song into what started out as a classic Aerosmith sounding song more so than a disco tune (it stopped sounding classic Aerosmith by the time the chorus kicked in).  Very cool.  This girl is like a miniature Pink in my mind.  I think she is on her way to awesomeness.



I loved Allison's dramatic entrance as the stairs slowly coming forward through the screen-very nice. I don't think the outfit flattered her form though...a little tight in the midsection. As for the song, I almost didn't recognize what it was until she got to the chorus. I loved the changes she had to make it her own. It still amazes me though how she's such a mature confidant singer on the stage, but then quickly turns into an awkward teenager as soon as she stops singing. She really needs to work on that if she hopes to become a pro.


OK. Officially tired of her. Another week of her growling. She's definitely better than Lil, but she really has no shot at winning the season. So it's become a pretty meaningless three minutes every week. She is just not a contender, and she is not bringing anything amazing each week, in the way that Kris or Adam or even Anoop and Matt do. Allison sounds great, but like Gokey, it's just the same great every time.
When Allison did the "hot hot hot" part, Dancer X's son Little X thought she was saying "honk honk honk."


That was my favorite Lambert performance to date. I want to hate this kid, but I can't. At least not until he performs next week. This was better than his Mad World showing, but only because I've never heard this Bee Gees hit sung this way before, whereas someone already made the alternate version of Mad World popular. So this, barring any revelations of another rip-off in progress, was original. And his vocal was spot-on. I didn't even mind the low-grade scream in there. I was sold. Great job, jerkball. See you next week.


Ahhh...this week "Evil Sucky Adam" decided to take the back seat, and let "Good Talented Adam" come out and play.  Although, while I like this Adam way better, this may be my least favorite of the Good Adam performances.  Still don't want this guy to win....and I still think Kris is the best this show has to offer.  At least he gave credit were credit was due when it came to the arrangement.  Nice to see he isn't a rip off artist like some other past contestants.


I'm going to ignore that jab....anyways...Adam was back in a suit with huge shoulders and even bigger hair. He seriously slowed down this disco number and added an emotional twist...but still managed to get in his Adam scream. You knew the judges were gonna love all over him as always, but Paula really looked like she was falling for him like a school girl with a crush. I personally wasn't blown away...yes it was original, yes it was a good vocal...but Adam still makes me feel sleazy when he goes emotional because you know it's a fake theatrical thing.


Again, Adam has this phony thing going on. Dancer X cannot buy into his onstage emotion (this week: sadness) when he snaps right out of it as soon as the song is over! He goes right back to his admittedly likable self (once again, he gave credit to somebody who helped him this week)! Doesn't America see how fake that makes him? He's good, but he does not deserve the unabashed love that he gets time and time again.
It also does not help that the severe makeup and posed hair made him look like a mannequin.
But once again, Adam shows his talent. It was a good take on the song (better than his Madworld), with a minimum of the signature screeching, thankfully. He can sing, he plays the role. He remains the one to beat... Dancer X just doesn't think he's real at all.


Matt wasn't that good. He didn't vary things up enough with this version of Stayin' Alive, bringing it from the definition of disco to a hip-hoppish dealie. Some of the runs went a tad askew, he seemed out of breath... I just wasn't feelin' it, dogg. Very "meh". Trouble's a-brewing, dude.




Matt, changing the song up just a tad to make it a bit more JT.  Well this was a fun performance, but I don't know if it is enough to keep him alive another week.  We'll wait until Anoop to make the final call.  But it was fun, and he did much much better than last week.



Matt could possibly stay alive in the competition with this one. It was fun and entertaining -great falsetto and def got his JT vibe back. This really seemed like a call out for the votes...we'll have to see if it worked. It's funny, it seemed like he kinda did the same thing Danny did tonight with staying disco, the dancing, and the backup singers and everything....but I think I liked it better coming from Matt.



With the most to prove after last week's save, Matt did not do enough. Sort of a silly performance and not a new take on a terribly clichéd song with embarrassingly simplistic lyrics. Capable, but not enough to lift him higher than Kris or Adam or even Allison. Welcome back to Lil Rounds's Bottom Three.



Uh-oh. Dude, Anoop. Last week, ol' Artie said you needed to bring it hard this week. Like "My Perogative" hard. But you did not bring it hard with Dim All the Lights, yo. There were clams aplenty, two other dudes did slow songs better than you, and you came up wanting. They even put you in the anchor spot for the night, and you dropped the ball, bro. It sucks, but I think that might be the last time we hear from you, man.


Another brilliant performance from Idol's resident Geek in Pink, Anoop.  This guy is beyond talented.  I love him.  He has such a smooth wonderful voice.  That very last note was a little shaky, but otherwise he was perfect.  People should be voting for him.  He deserves to stay.  People don't let me down.  Plus he looked adorable tonight.  I like a guy who can pull off pink (salmon for those pink phobic guys out there).  And I might have to agree with Paula on this one, the stubble looks good on him.  It helps makes him look a bit older.  What is up with Simon?  Lately I have just not been agreeing with him at all.  I think Kara has replaced him as my favorite judge.


See Daphne...I was completely opposite tonight...What was with that dirt on Anoop's face? Eww. His vocal was good but I really didn't care about his performance. I like Anoop but I've lost hope and I think he has too. The judges were nice and sugarcoated things, and then as always Simon speaks the truth and told him he sucked.



Another guy on the bubble. Anoop probably should have gone with something more recognizable. Slow start, shaky ending (and Anoop knew it, look at his face as the song ends). Although Dancer X enjoyed his performance overall, it was not enough to build his voting fanbase, and it certainly did not prove him as a serious threat to Adam's continued dominance.


Best Three: Kris, Adam, and Allison
Very Middle of the Road: Gokey
Bottom Three is pretty clear, for me: Lil, Matt, Anoop.
Going Home on Super Double Elimination Disco-Down Night of Doom:
Certainly Lil, and I'm quite torn between calling Matt or Anoop, but I'm thinking probably Anoop.


In my opinion best of the night once again goes to Kris, with Anoop following not too far behind.
Now, here's the problem about picking the bottom three this week.  Lil is getting crazy votes from the VFTW community (they are doing what they can to keep her in).  Matt is probably getting crazy votes from his fans who don't want to have a repeat of last week.  Anoop performed last, and fantastically, and that may earn him some extra votes...but in any rate, none of these three kids are safe
So my guess is Lil and Matt are going home, Anoop is not safe at all either, but only because people are stooooooooopid.  It will definitely be Lil and one of the guys...
My dream scenario would be Lambert and Lil go home.  And Gokey goes next week.  I just don't want any of them in this anymore.  Kris is the real winner anyway.  Here is what I am thinking.  About 50% of people LOVE Lambert...the other 50% HATE Lambert....but almost all of them like Kris.  So therefore, he has truly already won the crown of the real Idol this year.  So, the show's over people...Kris Allen the real 2009 American Idol winner.  Like David Archuleta was last year's real winner, and I so can't wait for his performance tomorrow night!  Yay Archie!


Boo Archie...Cook Rules!  Just had to get that in...

Kris was easily the best of the night. Allison would be second in my book. Adam and Danny were a distant third and fourth.
My bottom three will once again be Lil, Matt, and Anoop...but this time I'm calling Matt to be safe. I think Lil and Anoop will be the ones departing us.



Dancer X agrees the bottom three will be the same as last week: Lil, Anoop, and Matt. Not because of anything they did (except for Lil, who is awful), but because America has already decided. We really won't see America have to make the tough choices until we get those three out of there. By rights, Lil should be sent home, hard, and it is a toss-up between the gents. Probably Matt.


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