Guinness and Oysters Festival warming up the weekend menu

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Guinness and oysters may not be a combination you have heard of before. But it's a growing tradition in Ireland and now our area is getting a sampling of the fine combo at Annie Bailey's in Lancaster this weekend.

The 3rd annual Guinness and Oyster Fest will take place at the pub on East King Street in Lancaster on Saturday beginning at noon. It will feature, well, Guiness, Oysters and lots of live music.

The tradition dates back over 50 years ago to a small hotel in Galway, Ireland. The owner wanted to come up with something that would draw business. It was oyster season, so his chef said, why not combine the oysters with Guinness and the tradition was born. Now, a week long festival lives on in its honor.

Here in Lancaster, the owner of Annie Bailey's, Siobhan Keane and her husband decided to give the festival a try. The first year, she said, the place was packed and last year was even better. She hopes for the same sort of success this year as well.

For more information about the Guinness and Oyster Festival, click on Annie Bailey's.

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