Artillery Exercises, Demolition Training Planned at Fort Indiantown Gap

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Fort Indiantown Gap in Lebanon County will host demolition training and artillery live-fire exercises at various times during the next two weeks.

Demolition training will be conducted from Monday, June 4, to Thursday, June 7.
Artillery live-fire exercises will be held Friday, June 8, to Tuesday, June 12, and again, Saturday and Sunday, June 16 and 17.

Live-fire exercises using 155-millimeter artillery and demolition training using military-grade explosives are conducted several times each year. These activities are announced in advance as a courtesy to nearby residents.

"Artillery live-fire exercises are held at Fort Indiantown Gap routinely, but sound levels can vary considerably depending on a variety of factors including terrain, temperature, humidity, and wind," said Maj. Steve Widnick, Fort Indiantown Gap range officer. "This type of demolition training hasn’t been conducted here since the mid-1990s. Therefore, residents in neighboring counties may hear sounds which they are unfamiliar with between Monday and Thursday."

Fort Indiantown Gap is the only live-fire, maneuver military training facility in Pennsylvania.

It serves as headquarters to the Department of Military and Veterans Affairs and Pennsylvania National Guard, offers more than 17,000 acres and 140 training areas and facilities for year-round training. It balances one of the region’s most ecologically diverse areas with a military mission that annually supports 19,000 Pennsylvania National Guard personnel and more than 130,000 other states’ Guard, military, law enforcement, and civilian personnel each year.

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