Local students get a lesson in life outside the classroom

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About a dozen students from Challenge Academy, an alternative high school in York, are getting out of the classroom to learn a lesson about real life. They're volunteering their time at the York County Food Bank & many say it's better than hitting the books.

"I think its good for the simple reason we're helping a lot of people who can't afford to buy stuff at the supermarket for themselves," says 18-year old senior Damon Griffin.

"If they didn't have it, they'd be on the streets and wouldn't have any food in their stomach," says 14-year old Grant Hill.

From stacking boxes to sorting food, even washing off produce and counting supplies, the teens learn what it means to truly give back.

"Life skills & to see like just because you don't have money and you're not getting paid doesn't mean you can't go ahead and help out," Hill says.

"There are so many people living on the street & they might depend on this place," says 17-year old Darvey Maddox.

"It feels like this is going to pay off later, like if you do something good, somebody will do something good to you," says 15-year old Kaly Rivera.

The teenagers know it's an important lesson.

"Say you lost a job and you don't have any money, this will help you get food," Rivera says.

"Oh yeah, next time they give us a chance to, I'm coming back," says Hill.

The students volunteer their time as part of a new Service Learning class at Challenge Academy. They will help at the food bank and other charities in York throughout the school year.

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Social IssuesCharityGrant HillDamon Griffin