City of 'Sisterly' Love

Philadelphia (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)Auguste RodinHenri Matisse

Hey there Central Pennsylvanians! Did you know Philadelphia is only an hour train ride and a 15 dollar ticket away?

My sister, Colleen lives in South Carolina, but she was in Philadelphia for business, so Saturday I hopped the train in Lancaster and an hour later I was in the much needed company of my sister and her friend, Jovita!

I arrived around 11am and our first stop was the Philadelphia Museum of Art--one of the largest museums in the United States. We enjoyed a few paintings by Van Gogh and Picasso and plenty of other artists! I was most impressed by the collection of world architecture such as the French Cloister. The way the structures are incorporated into the museum is stunning.

We then headed to the Perelman Building where we viewed the Henri Matisse and Modern Art on the French Riviera Gallery. I don't know much about art, but I can definitely appreciate Matisse. We decided we need to plan a trip to the French Riviera in the near future....well maybe "near future" isn't realistic!

Later we strolled over to the Rodin Museum--the largest collection of work by Auguste Rodin outside of France. We then headed to a fantastic crepery where we indulged ourselves with lunch and desert! We fit in some shopping, a latte and then I grabbed the 8:45pm train back to Lancaster! Taking the train to Philly is such a simple way to enjoy the city lifewithout worrying about paying for parking or the annoyance of driving.I plan to do it again next week!

Philly was fantastic, but most of all, I enjoyed a little sisterly love and making a new friend in an old city!

I plan to post a photo gallery of our trip soon!

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