Closing arguments start Thursday in Sandusky trial

Abusive BehaviorMike McQuearyJerry Sandusky

The defense in the Jerry Sandusky child sex abuse case rested Wednesday, without calling on the one man everyone was waiting to hear from.

"The only person who could have come forward and say this didn't happen was Mr. Sandusky and he chose not to do it," said Tom Kline, the attorney for Victim 5.

 The defense called five final witnesses Wednesday, one they used to try and discredit key witness Mike McQueary. Dr. Jonathan Dranov testified McQueary told him what he heard but didn't describe seeing anything. He did say, however, McQueary appeared visibly upset.

"The way I saw it reinforced the testimony of a man, Mike McQueary, who was shaken," Kline said.

The defense also brought two witnesses who had been enrolled in the Second Mile as children. Both said nothing inappropriate happened with Sandusky. One testified investigators tried to get him to say things that weren't true.

The defense is also now asking for four of the charges dealing with Victim 8 to be dropped because of a dispute over dates.

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