Freemasons Not Slowed By Downpours


There were plenty of smiles to go around in York today.The heavy rain didn't discourage 500 peoplefrom showing up at Farquhar Park throughout the afternoon for a back- to- school event hosted by the Prince Hall Freemasons of York. The Freemasons gave away 150 book bags, 300 toys, many school supplies and lots of free food. Members of the group took on members of the community in sack races and other fun activities. Smiles on the faces of the young kids and parents showed the excitement and gratitude for the new goodies that they were given.

Members of the group say they wanted people in the community to know that they are alive and strong. The group has 40 local members and over 200 members in the entire 5th Masonic District. Their mission is to help young men and women become active and valuable members of the local community. Members say that today's event was one of many upcoming events that are intended to promote scholarship and positive change in the York area.

Those men interested in joining the mission of the Freemasons are encouraged to visit

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