Texas Roadhouse announces fundraiser for York County boy with rare form of cancer

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Texas Roadhouse is hosting a fundraiser night on Tuesday, March 27 for 4 year-old Ryan Arnold. FOX43 first brought you the story of this brave little boy in February. His parents, Becky and Chad, found out just a month ago that their son has Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma, which is a tumor on the brain stem, making it inoperable. Doctors give 4-year-old Ryan Arnold 9 to 18 months to live.

Ryan is like any little boy, his parents say; he enjoys playing with his toys and spending time with family. However, his parents say unlike other kids, he has to go to the hospital every day for radiation.

"My poor guy. I can't, I'm not going to meet his wife. I'm not going to hold his babies. He won't go to prom. Those types of things. And all he wants to do in his life is be a farmer, and I won't get to see him be a farmer," said Becky Arnold. "We're going to give him the best little life we can for the next few months, do everything that he wants to do. Then we're going to donate the rest to The Cure Starts Now, because I don't think any other parent should ever have to go through this."

Anyone bringing in an invitation or who mentions that they heard about the fundraiser on FOX43 will have 10% of their net check donated to his family. Guests can even purchase gift cards for future meals and that amount will be added to the fundraiser.

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CancerTexas Roadhouse Incorporated