Garden Spot Village is a 'Homey' place for the retired.

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Garden Spot Village in Lancaster County is a home filled with a family.a nursing home doesn't have to feel or look like a hospital.
Resident Bernie Marshall checked out many places before moving in, "We knew nothing about retirement homes and we went to a lot of them so we decided on this place and I'm glad we did."
After Bernie lost his wife, he's relied and turned to his family at Garden Spot Village, "I appreciate their professionalism and all their skills but the personal touch is just as great as the skills - you know - that makes a difference."
And making a difference is the center's goal. of Garden Spot Village.
CEO Steve Lindsey says, "They just have an opportunity to live a vital life and productive life."
The Village's philosophy is centered around the people.
It replaces the traditional, institutional feel of nursing homes with a household.
Each resident has their own private room and bath, a cozy living room and even a front door.
"We empowered the residents, the elders who live here to create their own schedule and we work around them," Lindsey says.
It's up to the residents when to wake up.
They get to pick their own activities and what they want to eat in a "homey" kitchen where a homemaker makes a made to order breakfast.
Bernie adds laughingly, "Got good cooks in there too!"
Some families can even allow pets into their household, like birds, fish or small dogs and cats.
Lindsey says it's all part of living in the family, "It's about creating all the benefits of being at home, even for the people who continue to need skilled nursing services."
Bernie says he can't imagine living anywhere else, "You've got freedom and you have every facility that's imaginable, good care.  It's everything that a home provides for you - it's all here."
It's all earned the Garden Spot Village the Healthcare Hero Innovation Award.
Plus, it's just more recognition for the center.
Senior living groups from across North American have visited to learn how turn a nursing facility into a home.

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