Community gathers to honor military during Armed Services Day

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Thousands of people converged on Harrisburg’s City Island to honor and pay tribute to men and women who have served our country as part of the national Armed Forces Day.

Steven Bosan, of Camp Hill, started serving in the military before Armed Forces Day was even recognized.

“My mother and father both came over from Europe as immigrants to Ellis Island, and they were very patriotic. And, they taught me all of that,” says Bosan.

He served in World War II, Korea and Vietnam. He says in the decades that have passed, he’s seen a transformation in how people recognize his service.

“I`ve seen a very drastic change since then. Everywhere I go, people know that I`ve been in the Army, especially in World War II, they all come by and say thank you for your service,” says Bosan.

According to the National World War II Museum, Bosan is among roughly two million living World War II veterans. After the war, about 16 million returned home to the United States. Each day the country loses about 740 of these veterans.

Bosan , who just turned 90, says he sees the need to share his experiences while he still can.

“People keep telling me, you`ve got to start doing something about it. So, I started writing my memoirs,” says Bosan, who intends to give his writings to his son.

During Saturday’s events, Bosan got a chance to meet Edward Kyler, also of Camp Hill and also a World War II veteran.

“I often think of what I went through and did for this. And, when I come out here, it's beautiful,” says Kyler.

Like Bosan, Kyler sees events like this one as a chance to share stories of the Greatest Generation with the next generation.

Captain James Smart says, “Meeting somebody like that is like meeting a celebrity for me. And, when I see somebody like that think about what they've done, and what they went through, and what they did for our country today is humbling.”

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