Community Leaders and Neighbors Meet To Tackle Growing Violence In Harrisburg

Crime, Law and JusticeCrimeMike Smith (football coach)

The escalating violence in Harrisburg has people taking action. Guardian Angels from York walked Cameron Street in the Capitol City. The crime fighting volunteers were hoping to send a powerful message in the neighborhoods where police tape and cops have become common sights.

"There is hope and there is something you can do. Now it is time to step to the plate if you want to take back your community," said Mike Smith, York Chapter Guardian Angels.

Dozens of people in the community are stepping up to the plate. They say they are tired of living in fear because of the recent rash of violence. The city has had 11 shootings in 18 days.

"I wonder who is going to be next, is it going to be me, is it going to be somebody I know, is it going to be another innocent bystander, what is going to happen," said Sarah Goodman who lives in Harrisburg.

Many say the goal is to reach the teens who are firing the weapons.

"It is deeper than just children running around with guns, it is deeper than that, you don't just wake up one morning and start shooting," said Iya Isoke who lives in Harrisburg.

Governor Ed Rendell was also at Thursday's meeting. He says State Police will step in to help Harrisburg police officers. He says he is committed to cracking down on the recent crime.

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