Kids Left In Cars Unattended, In Pennsylvania Casinos

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It's a criminal trend that has state lawmakers pushing for harsher punishments, leaving kids in cars while gambling at the casino. Parx Casino in Bucks County, Pennsylvania have seen a total of 12 children being abandoned in cars at casino parking lots in the last two months.State representative Gene DiGirolamo and Republican Senator Robert Tomlinson are introducing bills to see the crime brought up from a misdemeanor to a felony.

Hollywood Casino in Dauphin County have accounted for a handful of these cases of children being left behind."We certainly would not condone and sanction any kind of behavior where children are let unattended in cars," said the casino's Marketing Director, Fred Lipkin."It's horrifying, it's disgusting, how can you leave your child in a vehicle, even it's for a second, 5 second, it shouldn't be," said mother, Tracey Thielman, when questioned about the possible bill to be introduced.If passed, the bills will move the crime from a misdemeanor to a felony, seeing jail time increase from three to seven years.

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