Hundreds of Jobs Available in Lebanon County

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It’s been a difficult few months for people trying to get back to work. 

A sluggish economy has forced employers to slash jobs but things may be starting to come back according to Tempforce in Lebanon, Lebanon County.

“We really have seen are marketplace turn around again,” said Leigh Hitz-Miller, a Tempforce employment councilor.

Tempforce has received multiple job leads over the past few weeks, including the hiring of 800 seasonal employees at Ingram Micro; a regional distribution warehouse.

In addition to Ingram, the Air National Guard at Fort Indiantown Gap is also looking for upwards to 200-300 people to participate as victims in a three day homeland security exercise.

“I’ve worked here for 17 years and have never had anyone contact us for temp employees of that nature,” said Hitz.

Cindy Heisey, owner of Tempforce said each of these jobs is an incredible foot in the door.

“They are great networking opportunities – it’s adds to your resume, and it’s a good source of income,” added Heisey.

Depending on the economy and the holiday forecast in the next few months Heisey predicts some of those 800 temporary positions at Ingram could become permanent.  

“I expect that to happen to a third our workforce,” she added.

For more information on either of these jobs you are asked to contact Tempforce at 717-273-8811 or online at

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