Mother Fights to get Treatment for her Injured Daughter

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A mom is fighting to get treatment for her severely injured daughter.
18-year old Corey Beattie suffered a traumatic brain injury, also known as T.B.I., nine months ago in a devastating car accident. She also sustained a broken neck, and multiple fractures.

Doctors say that Beattie's best chance for maximum recover is twelve months of intense in-patient rehabilitation.  She was released after only six and a half months.

According to her mother, Independance Blue Cross of Pennsylvania sent her daughter home way to early. Medical opinions differ over the best treatment for T.B.I.

The insurance company defends her care saying: "Corey's transition to home was consistent with the recommendations of the professionals at Bryn Mawr Rehab Hospital who noted that ongoing therapy could be provided in a less intensive setting."

Beattie's neurosurgeon, Dr. Kennedy Yalamanchili, disagrees saying: "We try to provide the maximum benefit during the period of time the brains ability to rehabilitate and regenerate exists."

Beattie's battle is one example of families left heart broken and buried in bills. Marie Beattie, Corey's mother, hopes that Congress will intervene.

New Jersey Representative, Bill Pascrell, co-founder of the Congressional Brain Injury Task Force, is asking to make treatment an essential benefit under the Patient and Affordable Care Act.

Pascrell says: "They will define those guidelines, so that injured people can feel assured that they're going to get proper care."

The Department of Health and Human Services is consiering the request.

Spokesperson of the Department of Health and Human Services, Chris Stenrud states: "We will be engaging in a public process later this year to get broad input for the process of establishing essential benefits."

Until then, families like the Beatties contiue to fight for better treatment.

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