Helping Betty Jones

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Some local groups are coming together to help out a Lancaster woman whose home needs some major fixing up.

Franklin and Marshall students, Conquistador Oil workers, and South Ann Concerned Residents are all helping Lancaster resident Betty Jones.

Betty's mother needs to come live with her, but she is blind. Betty's sister died unexpectedly years ago and her stuff covers the first floor of Betty's home.

A local group is changing that and doing other repair work so Betty's mom can move in. Betty says she is overwhelmed by all of the people coming together to hammer, sandpaper, clean, wallpaper, and repair a roof just for her. "When the people came over to help me I was so thankful, because I knew it had to be done and I didn't want to remove my sisters items. I just, there just aren't words."

A local church has been providing meals to the volunteers since they began on Monday. As soon as the home is cleaned up, Betty's mother can move in.

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